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Advanced Olympic Lifting Course (AOLC)

Many strength coaches have achieved basic level certifications (USAW Level 1 or any other courses with exposure to the Olympic lifts to some degree) and they are ready to take their knowledge to the next level. This course, “Olympic Lifting for Explosive Power” is an accredited course that is eligible for CEU’s from NSCA, CSCCa and ACE. This course, appropriately titled Advanced Olympic Lifting Course (AOLC) was designed by Leo Totten, M.S./Senior International Coach and has proven to be a very successful venture.

The course is 16 hours in length of which 75% is practical, “hands on” training and 25% in the classroom. Extensive videotaping utilizing DartFish Analysis technology is used throughout the course where the participants lift, coach each other and analyze technique.

  • Clean/Snatch/Jerk technique training
  • Clean/Snatch/Jerk assistance exercises
  • Basic biomechanics
  • Safety recommendations
  • Dealing with flexibility issues
  • Accommodations for Tall/Large athletes
  • Program design
  • Sport Specific Program design
  • Long term athletic development

If you want to take your training and coaching to the next level, this is the course for you!


Doing It Right!

Learn By Doing” – the Clean, Snatch and Jerk.   We all know how valuable the Olympic lifts are for your “toolbox” of skills.  In this practical, “hands on” course, you will learn the step by step technique and assistance exercises to make these lifts an integral part of your program.

Developed by Leo Totten (M.S./Senior International Coach) with over 25 years of high level experience of teaching and coaching!

  • Learn by Doing, Coaching, Evaluating
  • 8 hours of “hands on” instruction on the clean, snatch and jerk
  • CEUs available
  • Pre-course:                           power point document with positions and cues
  • Final assessment:            mini-competition with Technique Analysis Rubric
  • Post-course:                         access to 55 minute review video of technique

Coaches Education and Lifting Certification (CELC)

Everyone knows how important a positive, efficient weight room is in the production of top level athletes and teams. Give your teaching and coaching in the weight room a better direction!

Learn the proper techniques for lifting as well as how to put those lifts into a program designed to your needs. This course simplifies the process for you so that you can utilize your time to the max.

Over the many years of teaching in the high school setting, we have found that if everyone is able to get in one pushing, one pulling and one leg movement in every workout, then they have made the most efficient use of their time! Working all of the major muscle groups in a short period of time with safe, effective movements!

  •  8 hours of instruction 75% “hands on” / 25% lecture
  •  CEUs available NSCA and NASM
  • Pre-course: power point document
  •  Final assessment: individualized team program design
  •  Post-course: access to 55 minute review video of technique
  • Cost: $179

USA Weightlifting Certifications available through Totten Training Systems, LLC

Leo Totten has been one of the most active and well respected clinicians for USAW certs for over 20 years. He has taught numerous Level 1 course as well as many Level 2 (Senior Coach) and Level 3 (Regional Coach) courses throughout the years, always with exceptional reviews by the participants.

The Level 1 core for USAW is a basic, introductory course in teaching the Olympic lifts and is a must for all serious strength coaches. In fact, it is one of the pre requisites accepted to be eligible to take the new AOLC course.

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