Who We Are

Totten Training Systems Staff & Instructors

Founded by Leo Totten, Totten Training Systems works with only the best instructors around. Each of our instructors has years of experience in utilizing the Olympic lifts in variety of settings from the competitive sport of Weightlifting to college and high school strength & conditioning programs.

Leo Totten – MS, USAW 5
Founder, Lead Instructor
Specialties: Competitive Weightlifters, Working with Youth, High School Athletics, Mental Training for Strength/Power Athletes

Cait Finn – MS, CSCS, USAW 3
Director of Marketing & Information, Instructor
Specialties: Competitive Weightlifters, College Strength & Conditioning, Performance Nutrition, Leadership Development, Mental Training for Competitive Athletes

Luke Barthel – BS, SCCC, USAW 1
Specialties: College Strength & Conditioning, Speed & Agility Training, Incorporating Olympic Lifts into Sport specific training, Performance Nutrition, Programming for Athletes


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