What is Totten Training Systems

There are many different modes of training on the market and, where they all have their value, if you want your athletes to have the ultimate strength and power, the methods promoted here are what you are looking for. The major focus of Totten Training Systems, LLC, is to provide the best in Olympic style lift training in conjunction with other modes of strength and power training for weightlifters and all athletes.

Leo Totten, MS, has created this system after many years in the field as an athlete,
coach, teacher and athletic administrator. He has worked with athletes and coaches from the high school level, to the collegiate level and even national and international level, working with individuals as well as teams. He is a well known speaker and author who has a strong reputation in the strength and conditioning field.

Totten Training Systems, LLC, offer certifications, clinics, consulting and personal training. Check out our offered Services for more information.

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