Totten Training Systems offers clinics designed to meet the needs of the strength and power community.   Whether for athletes or strength coaches, we customize clinics to match the needs of our clientele.

Our clinics address the needs of sports teams at the high school, collegiate and national level as well as CrossFit and other gyms around the country.

For athletes, we will take your group or team through the paces to teach proper technique in all aspects of strength and power training so they can take their performance up a notch!  For coaches, we will take your staff through a more detailed plan of attach so you can best assess your team and train them to the max.  Clinics vary in length depending on what your coaches and/or athletes need.  We do 3 hour, 6 hour or even 12 hour seminars, but, again, clinics are designed around your needs!


Contact Leo Totten at or call at 717-345-6525.

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