Tottenism Tuesday – The Lone Wolf Goes Hungry

Recently, I attended the Sorinex Summer Strong conference down in South Carolina. It was my first time that I was able to make it down there and it was one of the best conferences I had been around (and I have been to a lot!) I always like going to these strength conferences because there is so much knowledge out there and I want to soak up as much as I can. The Sorinex conference had some awesome speakers including Bert Sorin who, in my mind, gave one of the best. In his talk he mentioned the lone wolf. Most people think of the wolf as a predator that you certainly would not want to meet on a late evening trek through the mountains. But the point he was making was that wolves go around in packs for a reason. They count on their brothers and sisters to team up on their prey so everyone in the pack gets fed. The lone wolf goes hungry. He brought that concept into perspective with the team that has developed around he and his Dad, Richard, for the company. Obviously, those two guys are the head of the organization, but they have developed a strong team around them to make the company the success that it is. I’d like to think that the culture of my East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team has developed with that same concept in mind. I try to surround myself with good, quality people to help with coaching, medical, education, marketing and athlete identification. That concept has spread to all of our satellite centers so the team continues to grow and prosper. So, whether it is a weightlifting team, an athletic team or a business, the “team” is what its all about.

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