Totten Training Systems, LLC, offers a wide variety of services for coaches and athletes looking to “take it to the next level”! With a vast background of knowledge and experience, we are able to present the very best in strength and power training methodologies with an emphasis on utilizing the Olympic style lifts and their variations that have proven successful time and time again.

The major focus of Totten Training Systems, LLC centers around the use of the Olympic lifts and other explosive movements.  With an extensive background in competing, coaching and teaching the Olympic lifts, Leo Totten helps athletes and coaches achieve that next level of athletic performance utilizing these time proven and scientifically based principles and concepts.

Weightlifters are considered to be the most powerful athletes in the world.  They move heavy weights at incredible speeds.  The ultimate in Power!  Athletes of all sports can use that same power so it makes sense to train like the weightlifters.  Obviously, not all athletes want to be weightlifters per se, but they should definitely utilize some of the same exercises and principles of training.  These methods are very practical and easily applied by athletes and coaches.

One of the primary goals of TTS is to promote coaches education so that coaching skills are at the highest level,  putting them in a better position to help their athletes to that next level.Whatever sport you are working with, the need for strength and power can’t be underestimated.

Colleges, private facilities, and businesses can bring in one of our world class instructors for a custom experience, certification, and workshop. Individuals looking for the closest TTS event, check out our calendar today!



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