November 15 – 16, 2014 – USAW Level 2 Cert

USA Weightlifting Advanced Sports Performance Certification

Date: November 15-16, 201406NatFondaleSn141


McKenna’s Gym
5 E. Main St.
Fawn Grove, PA17321


Registration: USA Weightlifting

Instructor: Leo Totten

Course Description:

he Level 2 Senior Coach Course is the second formalized education course within USA Weightlifting’s Coaching Education curriculum. The course accommodates the needs of coaches who have already qualified as Level 1 Weightlifting Coach (Club Coach) and is generally scheduled over four consecutive days or two 2-day segments.

The aim of this course is geared toward the developing Level 1 Weightlifting Coach graduate who has progressed beyond coaching beginners. The course offers an expanding education for coaches, introducing many Sports Science elements. Instructors will provide candidates with a body of knowledge and practical expertise so that they can develop their lifters from Club standard to National standard and beyond. More emphasis is on programming of training and preparing athletes to compete on the international platform. A more comprehensive biomechanics chapter is included and a number of new topics are introduced such as anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, nutrition, strength and power principles and general physical preparation.

Included Materials:
Senior Coach Manual
Senior Coach Video


  1. Level 1 Weightlifting Coach, Sport Performance Coach, or Level 1 Sport Performance Coach certification
  2. Current USAW membership and certification at the time of the course

*Candidates seeking promotion to Level 2 Coach status can attend and pass the course if they have not fullfilled the athlete requirements listed below. However, they are given a two (2) year period to complete these requirements. Only then will the Level 2 Coach certification be awarded.

Registration Costs:   $495

USAW Level 2 Senior Coach Certification is contingent on the following:

  1. Successful completion of the Level 2 Senior Coach Course
  2. Receive a passing score on the Level 2 Senior Coach Course Test and the LWC Referee Test
  3. Provide proof of current (accredited) CPR certification (USAW is not responsible for applicable fees) Certification accepted from the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, and the National Safety Council.
  4. Pass a background check(USAW is not responsible for applicable fees)
  5. You must coach at least
    • Four (4) individual USAW-registered athletes at the National School Age Weightlifting Championships OR
    • Two (2) individual USAW-registered athletes at any of the following:
      • the National Junior Weightlifting Championships
      • National Collegiate Weightlifting Championships
      • American Open Weightlifting Championships
      • National Weightlifting Championships

      The athletes you coach must have you listed as their coach on their respective USAW membership accounts.

  6. Active, continued USAW membership and certification at the current level.