AOLC – November 11-12, 2017, Bryn Mawr, PA



November 11-12, 2017

Developed by: Leo Totten, M.S., USAW 5      (see resume below)

Presented by: Totten Training Systems, LLC

World Class Weightlifting


Date: Nov 11-12, 2017

      Saturday 8:00am – 6:00pm  /  Sunday 8:00am – 3:00pm

Location: Platoon Fitness

899 Penn St.

Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

Coordinator: Antonio Squillante 774-502-5689

Lead Instructor: Leo Totten 717-345-6525

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Leo Totten, M.S., USAW 5


  • Senior International Coach for USA Weightlifting (Level 5)
  • Head Coach, East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team
  • 10 time National Men’s Team
  • 7 time National Women’s Team Champions
  • President, WerkSan Barbells, 2005-2012
  • Over 30 years as Olympic weightlifting coach
  • Over 30 years as clinician for USA Weightlifting
  • Over 30 years training High School / College elite athletes
  • Over 30 years in Physical Education and Athletic Administration
  • Two Olympic Teams
  • Three Pan Am Teams
  • Five World Championship Teams
  • Named as one of 65 Most Influential Strength Coaches of All Time
  • USA Weightlifting Coaching Excellence Award, 2005




FORMAT: 2 day / 16 hours

CLASS SIZE: 20 participants maximum

INSTRUCTORS: Leo Totten, lead instructor

COST: $545

     (includes course plus pre-clinic information and post-clinic followup)

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PRE-REQUISITES: one or more of the following:

    • CSCS  (NSCA)
    • SCC    (CSCCa)
    • USAW Level 1
    • Crossfit Olympic lift course
    • Exercise Science degree or junior/senior in such program with instructor approval
    • Competitive athlete or coach with instructor approval

CONTENT: 90% practical application of principles / 10% lecture

Pre-clinic information on material to be covered

Videotaping and analyzing during course

Post-clinic video analysis available


  • Clean/Snatch/Jerk technique training
  • Clean/Snatch/Jerk assistance exercises
  • Basic biomechanics
  • Safety recommendations
  • Dealing with flexibility issues
  • Accommodations for Tall/Large athletes
  • Program design
  • Sport Specific Program design
  • Long term athletic development

AOLC Cancellation policy

The transfer/cancellation policy is similar to USAW.   One option is to transfer the credit for no charge to the next course available to you (for any additional transfers after that, there is a $250 charge).   Another option is to cancel altogether for a $150 cancellation fee per course.

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